Welcoming and open to the world

Our view of the world

Philia carries the vision of a free, welcoming world, open to the world and to others, where each story, each culture is respected and perpetuated, each memory safeguarded, each memory transmitted, within the family, through filiation. , for all generations, in the name of Memory, in the name of Humanity.

The vision of the world of Céline and Daniel intimately linked to their personal trajectory and irrigated by the collective history with a capital H of Southeast Asia. For them, more than for anyone else, Liberty, Democracy as well as Memory and Transmission are fragile legacies, precious treasures and ultimate values ​​that must imperatively be protected as responsible citizens. Burning these memories, inscribing one's memory in eternity is therefore an essential undertaking.

The history of humanity has come down to us because men and women have struggled to find ways to preserve their memory, in order to be able to pass it on to others and at the same time build our collective memory. While it is now possible to archive everything, to save everything with the advent of digital technology, while our memory, this mass of data, knowledge and archived memories, is larger and more accessible than ever, we have less and less memory. We swapped the one with a capital M, this precious good which requires a transmission requirement, for a memory without roots, disconnected from collective and intimate history.