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  • "Philia, une marque de bijoux qui traduit des valeurs fortes qui résonnent dans le cœur des femmes sensibles à la mode et à la richesse culturelle." Découvrir

  • "Philia incarne la connexion entre la mode occidentale et la richesse de la culture." Découvrir

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Haute Fantasy jewelry, premium & accessible

Philia is the first French brand of high fashion, premium, accessible jewelry, which draws its cultural and aesthetic roots from the fusion between Southeast Asia and the West, in homage to the cultural roots of its founders and their French identity. of adoption.

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Philia's story

Philia is above all a family story, a love story, an adventure novel, a hymn to freedom, to memory, to memories, to transmission.

Philia is the story of Céline and Daniel, a couple united by the sacred bond of marriage but above all by their history and their common origins rooted in South East Asia.

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  • A great surprise !

    Having purchased jewelry from the Philia brand, I can only recommend its products. The jewelry is made with quality materials and is very beautiful.

    - Julie A.

  • Awesome

    I experienced exceptional customer service and fast shipping. I was very pleased with my purchase and would happily recommend it to others.

    - Clemence H.

  • Very good quality

    I bought a ring a few weeks ago, and it is absolutely beautiful! The design is very original and the quality is excellent. I am very happy with my purchase.

    - Christine V.

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