Produce without discrimination anywhere in the world

Where are our jewels produced?

Our production

In the image of their vision of the world, open and tolerant, Céline and Daniel have chosen to produce without any discrimination anywhere in the world where the know-how in the field of high costume jewelery is found.

They collaborate with partners in Thailand with whom Céline has already forged ties in the past and with whom the cultural connection is natural and authentic. In a cross-cultural spirit and fusion between Asia and the West, some pieces of the Philia collection are made in Spain, Italy and France. All collections are imagined and designed in their Parisian studio, in the heart of the Marais.

The different steps

At Philia, the realization of the jewelry collections is a collaborative work, carried out under the aegis of its artistic director, Céline, whose main mission is to lead creative, production and craftsman teams around a common objective. common, the manufacture of jewelry that proudly conveys the brand's DNA.

Jewelry creation is an eventful process, which goes through different stages, from the ideation to the final design of the jewel.


Ideation or the process of generating ideas. During this phase where creativity is in full swing, ideas are materialized by:

  • The creation of sketches and sketches, the development of sketches in the form of technical drawings, dimensioned and sufficiently detailed to be produced
  • The transposition of these sketches for a 3D realization.
  • The wax sculpture to allow to make jewelry by hand with volumes that are difficult to achieve in metal.

Jewelry Making Process

Jewelry making involves several steps to turn a piece of metal into a finished piece of jewelry.

First, sawing involves cutting the metal into the desired basic shape using a bocfil.

Stamping, on the other hand, consists in shaping the metal by hammering it with the help of rivets, which makes it possible to produce curved shapes.

Then, the solder will come to assemble the different metals by melting them together.

We then move on to assembly, folding and polishing which is the last step which makes the jewel smooth and shiny. A surface treatment or finishing varnish may be necessary to protect the jewel.