Philia carries the vision of a free world

What does Philia mean

“To forget one's ancestors is to be a stream without a source, a tree without roots.”
Chinese proverb

Philia means "friendship" in ancient Greek. Where the French language has only one word, “love”, ancient Greek has four: “éros” (sexual desire), “philia” (friendship), “agapè” (altruism), and “storgê”. (family love). For Aristotle, Philia is a perfect friendship, based on equality and reciprocal benevolence, which brings together an extreme diversity of ways of being and forms of action: benevolence and benevolence, philanthropy and humanism.
The word certainly has an affective and sentimental dimension, but this semantic field of Philia "attachment and benevolence, in general, family or romantic relationships" has a much broader and richer meaning.

Philia also refers to hospitality, belonging to a social group, harmony, all of which are born of friendship, the truest form of justice. The Philia therefore includes a political meaning – the civic friendship which unites the cities –, and even a cosmological one, between the different parts of the body of the world. For Céline and Daniel, the choice of their brand name, Philia, is very meaningful and symbolic. Philia naturally imposed itself on them because they know that the hospitality and humanism that they and their parents enjoyed in France is the reason for their life, even their survival.

Today with their brand, Céline and Daniel pay tribute and continue to proclaim the power of Philia to their children, first, and to all their followers.

“The family is the cradle of all virtues.”

- Cicero -