Between Southeast Asia and the West

The Philia logo: The power of symbols

Because an image speaks more than words, the Philia logo is above all the expression of 4 strong messages, which find their resonance through the strength of the symbols.

First of all, it is the evocation of the red thread of destiny, or the legend of Soul Mates, very widespread on the Asian continent (China, Japan, South East Asia). This legend affirms that a red thread binds two Beings between them. Thus, soul mates, twin flames, people destined to love each other are connected by a red, indestructible thread... An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet each other, regardless of time, place or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

Then this thread is itself diverted in the form of open hearts to express the supreme sentimental and affective bond, that of humanism, hospitality and absolute friendship, which unite human beings and which must preside to all social relations beyond cultural, identity, religious or political differences. The choice to leave them open is to evoke the idea that Philia is a love of openness and generosity, giving free rein to everyone's freedom.

Finally, we can read the symbol of infinity , of eternity. It's the idea that memories like memory must be transmitted to remain immortal, forever etched in memories. The drawn 8 is the symbol for infinity. In numerology, this number also expresses eternity and the unsurpassable. it is also the preferred number in the Asian continent, due to its link with luck and prosperity.

The diamond , in the Eurasian tradition, represents life, transmission and motherhood.
In some beliefs, the diamond is the feminine symbol par excellence and that of union: between heaven and earth, between the upper world and the lower world, etc. or the symbol of victory (China). Summoning this symbol is for Céline and Daniel an iconographic and symbolic way to celebrate the descent and transmission dear to their hearts, but also the triumph of union and saving solidarity.

Philia carries the vision of a free world

A journey between the roots of Southeast Asia and the “Enlightenment” of the West.