free, welcoming, open to the world

Our history

“To forget one's ancestors is to be a stream without a source, a tree without roots.”
Chinese proverb

PHILIA carries the vision of a free, welcoming world, open to the World and to Others, where each story, each culture is respected and perpetuated, each memory safeguarded, each memory transmitted, within the family, through filiation , for all generations, in the name of Memory, in the name of Humanity.

The vision of the world of Céline and Daniel intimately linked to their personal trajectory and irrigated by the collective history with a capital H of Southeast Asia. For them, more than for anyone else, Liberty, Democracy as well as Memory and Transmission are fragile legacies, precious treasures and ultimate values ​​that must imperatively be protected as responsible citizens. Burning these memories, inscribing one's memory in eternity is therefore an essential undertaking.

"Because a man without memory is a man without life, a people without memory is a people without a future."

"Because a man without memory is a man without life, a people without memory is a people without a future."

Ferdinand Foch

Building one's heritage, bequeathing one's roots, reconnecting memory to the past so that the present draws a better future, sheltered from the erosive power of the world and of history.

PHILIA's raison d'être is to summon, engrave, immortalize and transmit history, personal and universal, striking but unspeakable memories, intimate and collective memory, cultural and fundamental values, so that our children, future generations , continue to defend the beauty of the world and protect the fragility of freedom as a sacred heritage.

Like a ferryman, a weaver of threads and invisible memories, PHILIA's mission is to take its followers on board in a haven of peace, zen and warm, a palace populated by countless treasures, to create precious jewels there, like a book of memories, all engraved in the memory of its founders, whom their exodus from South East Asia and their life in France has not erased.

Back to origins

Driven by this double culture, PHILIA proudly inscribes the identity of its brand of "high-fancy" jewelry, in silver and gold-plated, in its Asian and Western roots, by making these 2 anchors dialogue and resonate in unison. PHILIA is an ode to freedom, to humanity, so often muzzled, a poetic celebration of her Asian roots, as much as a hymn to youth that she addresses to all generations, so that they perpetuate and in turn seize memory and history to better build the world of tomorrow. The PHILIA jewel represents much more than a beautiful aesthetic and ornamental object, it is a memory that we transmit, a part of the memory that we safeguard and bring to life, a militant act, a duty to remember, which carries loud and clear the roots of Southeast Asia and the "Enlightenment" of the West.

A journey between the roots of southern Asia and the "Enlightenment" of the West.

In the image of their vision of the world, open and tolerant, Céline and Daniel have chosen to produce without any discrimination anywhere in the world where the know-how in the field of high costume jewelery is found.

They collaborate with partners in Thailand with whom Céline has already forged ties in the past and with whom the cultural connection is natural and authentic. In a cross-cultural spirit and fusion between Asia and the West, some pieces of the PHILIA collection are made in Spain, Italy and France. All collections are imagined and designed in their Parisian studio, in the heart of the Marais.

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Discover the story of Daniel and Céline, the co-founders of Philia